Congratulations to all the 7th and 8th graders for recently competing in the Science Fair!  The following students received awards:

8th Grade Individual: 

1st place- “Stained but not Stylish”- Sophia Vinduska

2nd place- “Memory Battle”- Krista Hardy

3rd place- “Opposites Attract”- Reed Gregor

Honorable Mention- “Up, Up and Away”- Meg Wolken; “Color, Color, Color”- Abigail Koelzer;  “Basketball Bonanza”- Zach Tesarek

7th Grade Group: 

1st place- “Pinwheel Power”- Isabella Hajek-Jones, Daniela Rozier

2nd place- “Fire Vs. Flame Retardant Fabric”-Ben Laney, Carter Moss, Mathew Zitek

3rd place- “Blowing Bubbles”- Kevin Sohl, Maddax Alexen

Honorable Mention-“It’s All About that Base…and Acid”- Kayla Rain, Lainey Colbert, Taya-Jo Wood; “Cheese Please”- Mia Fox, Kaelyn Monahan