Faith & Service

At St. John the Baptist Catholic School, knowledge and practice of the Catholic faith are incorporated into all aspects of the curriculum. A key component of this approach is providing the link between Catholic social teaching and service which integrates those teachings into the students’ daily lives through age-appropriate service projects. The following are examples of the types of service projects our students perform each year:

Grade Service Project Examples
Grades Pre-K – 5 – Joining parish service projects such as food/clothing collections
– Participating in recycling/environmental clean-up efforts
– Visiting nursing homes or homebound parishioners
– Contributing to the Catholic Charities or Catholic Relief Services
– Writing cards of appreciation to the Armed Forces, Fire Departments & Police Departments
Middle School – Using their gifts and talents to minister to peers
– Engaging in parish programs such as food pantries
– Participating in liturgical ministries
– Serving the local community (poor, elderly, ill, disabled)