Technology Integration

Each classroom is equipped with a Smart Board. Smart Boards are interactive whiteboards which can display online lessons, games, apps. Students can also come up to the Smart Board, and write out answers, etc. to participate in lessons.

All classes participate in Computer Class.

  • The younger grades use software and explore websites that reinforce the reading and math skills they are learning in the regular classroom.
  • Students in 3rd-5th grade start working on Word and Powerpoint. They also learn how to effectively use search engines on the Internet.
  • Junior High students learn how to navigate in Excel and Publisher in addition to Word and Powerpoint. All students in 2nd-8th grade also work on typing skills throughout the year, using a program called Type 2 Learning.
  • IPad class is offered to all 4th-8th grade students.
  • The 4th graders first learn the importance of taking care of the iPads and how to use them responsibly. They complete several activities that involve the use of the camera and learn how to edit photos. They also use the video feature and learn how to talk into the microphone. Fourth grade students also use an app called TinyTap, in which they create several projects.  The 5th-8th graders work in the iWorks apps and explore many other apps such as StopMotion and GreenScreen. This year coding apps are on the agenda. These apps will give students a taste of computer programming skills.