Home & School Association (HSA)

The purpose of the Home and School Association (HSA) is to foster a community where educators and parents work together to provide programs and opportunities that support our school’s mission, engage our school families, and enrich the lives of our children.

This purpose is accomplished through accountable leadership and ongoing, well-coordinated planning and discussions.

All parents of children enrolled at St. John’s are automatically members of the association. HSA meets regularly throughout the year and all parents are encouraged to participate.


  • Every year the Home & School Association asks for many volunteers to help with various activities in the classrooms.
  • We organize meals for our teachers during Parent Teacher Conferences, plan Teacher Appreciation Week and provide volunteers and support for other school celebrations throughout the year, such as Catholic Schools Week.
  • For every hour worked, item baked or meeting attended, the student’s family will receive ONE HOUR toward their annual stewardship agreement.


The Home and School Association also organizes fundraising events throughout the year that involve participation and support from parents, teachers and students, in order to be successful. These fundraisers include the Cookie Dough Fundraiser, Book Fair and other family fun nights. Not only do our students love these fundraising opportunities every year, but our school depends on them!


In addition to the programs mentioned above, we also organize and manage School Rewards Programs programs, such as Box Tops and TAAG. These programs all earn FREE money for our school by simply collecting or scanning labels and receipts.

Home and School also supports programs led by our Parish, such as Amazon Smile and RaiseRight, formerly Scrip. Money earned from these programs not only benefits our church, but also helps the school in the long run!

Learn more about how you can support our SCHOOL REWARDS PROGRAMS HERE. 


Communication is central to building relationships, staying connected, sharing jideas, improving transparency and ensuring we are all working together toward a common goal.

To help foster open communications among our school parents, the Home and School Association created a Facebook Group Page.

We invite you to join in our conversation with parents! To locate the parent group page “StJB Parent Connection” on Facebook, go to the school’s public Facebook page (StjbCatholic) and click on the “groups” tab. Then click on the group Facebook page. 

To be granted access to the group page, you will have to click on the “JOIN THIS GROUP” button and answer two membership questions.


2022-23 HSA Leaders:

Coordinator: Stephanie DeWild
Bookkeeper: Erin Gillen

We are always looking for parents to lead the various fundraising committees and help with various school programs, initiatives and events.

If interested in any of the leadership positions, or to learn more about HSA, please contact Stephanie DeWild at [email protected]