St. John the Baptist Catholic School strives to educate the whole child: spiritually, emotionally, socially, intellectually,  artistically, and physically. The school follows the educational curriculum developed and supported by the Lincoln Diocese Education Office, which is in full compliance with all state education requirements under the State of Nebraska Department of Education Guidelines. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to succeed in any rigorous high school academic program by providing a firm foundation in knowledge and skills, encouraging a wide variety of intellectual exposure, practice and knowledge of good study habits and inspiring creativity and critical analysis in each child. Within the structure of this curriculum, our teachers strive to meet the needs of each student, while challenging all students to fulfill their academic potential.

The core curriculum – language arts, math, science, social studies and a deep understanding of our Catholic faith – is the backbone of our academic programs.  Emphasis on these areas are a well-proven route to preparing students for their future, regardless of the academic path they may choose.  In addition to the standard course of study, all students receive regular instruction in music, art, computer technology, library media skills, and physical education.  These courses allow students to broaden their academic exposure, explore particular interests, and challenge their special talents.

Our Students Test Scores Remain Above the National Average

Since the school began administering the Iowa Test of Basic Skills [ITBS] in 2015, students have consistently scored higher than the national average in standardized testing. Students in grades 3-8 consistently rank above the national average in many testing categories including math, core, science, social studies and composition scores, indicating they are performing at one grade level higher than their current grade.