Student Council

Third through eighth grade students are invited to participate in St. John’s Student Council. Student Council members, practice leadership skills, engage in service events and volunteer to work the spirit store after school each week, in order to raise money for school projects throughout the year. They plan the yearly Advent Project, and also run a bake sale and Christmas store in which the funds are used to help those in need in the local community.

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Student Council Members 2016-17

Third Grade: Cruz Baxter, Reygen Beckwith, Jesse Burke, Teagan Glup, Jonny Jeys, Jase Milczeski, Hunter Pierce, Vance Poppleton, Laney VanErdewyk, Drue Weeda

Fourth Grade: Sydney Barnes, Henry Baumert, Lauren Benedict, Joey Bryant, Claire Laney, Ian McCarthy, Nathan Rain, Grace Thayer, Lilly Thayer, Izabel Widman, Piper Isham

Fifth Grade: Jayger Haag, Calum Jeys, Kennedy Ludwig, Miles Poppleton, Emily Zitek

Sixth Grade: Lilly Jeys, Kaelyn Monahan, Carter Moss, Ella Wilson, Mathew Zitek

Seventh Grade: Krista Hardy, Sophia Vercellino

Eighth Grade: Kameron Monahan, Jacob Zitek


Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive!



                       Thank you for your support!




Advent Project 2016






Christmas Store & Bake Sale