Saturday, April 24th, begins at 5 pm

  • Welcome to 2021 Spring Virtual Extravaganza with a Facebook Live Event at 5 p.m. on the church Facebook page: www.facebook.com/CHSPlattsmouth
  • Online auction bidding opens at 5 p.m.


Monday, April 25th thru Friday, April 30th

  • Browse, bid and mark items in the auction on Qtego event auction website.
  • Check the “items with no bids” tab on the Qtego event website.
  • Browse the Premier Items in the auction. Talk with your friends about bidding on these larger items together!


Saturday, May 1st,  ends at 5 pm

  • Last day to bid on items on the Qtego event auction website.
  • Purchase your His/Hers Raffle chances, Quick Draw Gift cards and Jeans Day Certificates!
  • Join us at 5 p.m. for a Facebook Live event where we will draw for our raffle drawings and reveal the winners of our Premier Auction Items.  (www.facebook.com/CHSPlattsmouth)


Special Opportunities:

  • Become a sponsor, click HERE.
  • Donate to the 2021 Special Project Fund
  • Purchase His/Hers Raffle Tickets
  • Purchase a Student “Friday Jeans Day” Certificate
  • Purchase “Quick Draw” Gift Cards
  • Purchase an Appetizer made by Chef Sarah Slattery



Visit us online HERE to register to bid on auction items, donate to the special project fund, purchase his/hers raffle tickets, jeanshttps://qtego.net/qlink/stbs day certificates, gift cards and appetizers.