StJB students in seventh grade took part in the school’s annual Science Fair on Tuesday, November 22nd, under the instruction of junior high science teacher Mrs. Sandy Rhoades.

In the past, both seventh and eighth grade classes were required to create science fair projects. However, this year only seventh graders participated in the fair. Eighth grade students will participate in National History Day instead of the Science Fair. This change allows our students and teachers the necessary time it requires to thoroughly complete award-winning science and history day projects.

According to Mrs. Rhoades, the science fair is a great opportunity for her students to apply scientific methods and independent research on a topic of their choice.

The learning from this project benefits our students for years to come, especially in high school. Students learn how to apply their existing abilities to new areas, as well as learn many new skills. Rhoades said a science fair project involves reading, logical thinking, writing, grammar and spelling, math, statistics and data analysis, computer science, graphic arts, as well as scientific methodology. It also gives students experience in dressing for success, public speaking, and how to articulate and defend their work in front of judges.

The fun part for students is always sharing their experiments and results with other students, teachers and judges.

“Displaying their efforts for others to see is so rewarding for the students,” said Rhoades. “It’s fun to see the pride they have in their work. That makes me proud too.”

During the fair, students were interviewed by judges who teach science at surrounding schools. The judges determine the scientific merit of each project and score the students’ work.

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Science Fair. This year’s winners from seventh grade are:

1st Place: Jack Laney – “Feel the Burn”

2nd Place: Isaac Bourett – “Bioluminescence”

3rd Place: Brady Thomas – “Getting Antsy”

Honorable Mention:

Deacon Finn – “Stride into Pitching”

Deegan Milczski – “BacTerminator”

Colin Kostszewa – “Toilet Paper & Clogging”

Ryder Milczski – “Keeping It Cool”

Pierson Benedict – “Rust Busters”

Jack Laney -1st Place

Isaac Bourett – 2nd Place

Brady Thomas – 3rd Place