Together A Greater Good (TAGG) Mobile App

You can make a difference each time you make a purchase simply by submitting a photo of your receipt at any participating business using the TAGG mobile app (don’t worry, it’s a free app). Local charitable minded businesses and stores will donate a percentage of the purchase to St. John the Baptist. A list of participating businesses can be found HERE. 

You can make your impact go even farther by sharing your TAGGs on social media to influence others to do the same.

Get Started:

  1. Download the free TAGG app HERE. Or go to
  2. Take a picture of your entire receipt from the participating business or store. (You can also search a list of participating businesses in the app.)
  3. Select the organization you will be supporting: St. John the Baptist. Our school is already registered on TAGG and will be displayed within the “Schools” category.


Start tagging your receipts today!