We are always proud of the outstanding achievements from our StJB graduates. Congratulations to the following alumni students for being named to their high school’s first quarter honor roll list:


Chaz Bogle, 12th Grade (Class of ‘16)

Nolan Lewandowski, 12th Grade (Class of ‘16)

Katelyn Weaver, 12th Grade (Class of ‘16)


Libby Baumert, 12th Grade (Class of ‘16)

Sean Klein, 12th Grade (Class of ‘16)

Cathy Shawhan, 12th Grade (Class of ‘16)

Kameron Monahan, 11th Grade (Class of ‘17)

Drew Walton, 11th Grade (Class of ‘17)

Reed Greger, 10th Grade (Class of ‘18)

MacKenzie Ludwig, 10th Grade (Class of ‘18)

Zach Teserak, 10th Grade (Class of ‘18)

Meg Wolken, 10th Grade (Class of ‘18)

*Plattsmouth High School and other surrounding high schools configure honor roll by semester. Students earning honor roll for the first semester will be included in next quarter’s recognition.