We are proud of all our seventh and eighth grade students who participated in the Science Fair.
Congratulations to all the students who received awards for their projects!
7th Grade Group Projects:
1st Place- “Reward vs. Punishment” – Emily Zitek, Kennedy Ludwig

8th Grade Individual Projects:
1st Place- “Bombs Away” – Carter Moss
2nd Place- “Tea Tournament” – Daniela Rozier
3rd Place- “Flu Bug be Gone” – Kevin Sohl
Honorable Mention: “Germs Be Gone” – Maddax Alexen,“Which ‘Wood’ You Choose” – Mathew Zitek, “Effects of Acid Rain” -Ella Wilson, “Potatoes are the Light of my Life” – Peyton Blankman

7th Grade Group Project: Kennedy Ludwig & Emily Zitek

8th Grade Individual Projects – 1st Place – Carter Moss





8th Grade Individual Projects -2nd Place - Daniela Rozier

8th Grade Individual Projects – 2nd Place – Daniela Rozier

8th Grade Individual Projects – 3rd Place: Kevin Sohl






8th Grade Honorable Mention: Ella Wilson, Maddax Alexen, Mathew Zitek and Peyton Blankman