5th Grade: Claire, Isabel and Piper

6th Grade: Carissa, Jayger and Miles

Congratulations to our Speech Contest Class Winners:

5th Grade:
Claire Laney, 1st Place
Izabel Widman, 2nd Place
Piper Isham, 3rd Place

6th Grade:
Carissa Eckhoff, 1st Place
Jayger Haag, 2nd Place
Miles Poppleton, 3rd Place

7th Grade:
Isabella Hajek-Jones, 1st Place
Peyton Blankman, 2nd Place
Ben Laney, 3rd Place

7th Grade: Isabella, Peyton and Ben

8th Grade:            Reed Greger, 1st Place
Sophia Vercellino, 2nd Place
Jozlyn Barnes, 3rd Place

8th Grade: Reed, Sophia and Jozlyn

These winners will move on to compete in the school’s 2nd round of the Speech Contest on April 10th. Stay tuned.